Indian Farmer [UPDATE 2020] – Most Important Details

Indian farmer: Most Important Details

The Indian farmer is the sole of all Indians. We are trying to represent an Indian farmer lifestyle, issues & Indian farmer images or farmers’ image, farm images. We know, Indian Farmer is a very very hard-working people & we proud of our all Indian farmers.

Indian Farmer
Indian Farmer

Many peoples are called to different words like Indian farmers, farmers’ land, or land of farmers. Indian Farmer is the most popular topic in our country or school, many school students write an Indian farmer essay in Hindi. The Indian Farmer life is so simple & they are also attached in the agriculture sector.

Many peoples are saying to Indian farmers are the most important part means they are directly connected to our country’s economy.

If we can talk about the Indian farmer so we found that many types of peoples are directly connected to this field as Muslim, Hindu, Sikh & many other religions. We are always supporting our farmers & celebrate “Happy Farmers Day” for the last 20 years.

Types Of Farming In India:

Types Of Farming In India
Types Of Farming In India

Indian Farmers are doing multiple farming in India as like Fish Farming, Dairy Farming, Dual Crop Farming, Tree Nursery, Bee Farming & many more but the main 3 types of farming are:

  • Arable Farming (eg wheat and barley)
  • Mixed Farming (eg cows and sheep)
  • Pastoral Farming (both arable and pastoral)

Types Of Agriculture In India:

Types Of Agriculture In India
Types Of Agriculture In India

Basically, It’s mainly 9 types of agriculture in India as such as:

  • Shifting agriculture
  • Subsistence farming
  • Intensive agriculture
  • Extensive agriculture
  • Commercial agriculture
  • Plantation agriculture
  • Dryland farming
  • Wetland farming
  • Aquaponics

Modern Farming Techniques:

Modern Farming Techniques
Modern Farming Techniques

Recently, Most of the Indian farmer is apply the modern farming technique for our agriculture field. Basically, it’s 6 types of Modern Farming Techniques:

  • Drones in Modern Farming Methods

  • Tissue culture of Modern Farming Methods

  • Monoculture of Modern Farming Methods

  • Hydroponics of Modern Farming Methods

  • Aquaponics of Modern Farming Methods

  • Aeroponics System of Modern Farming Methods

The Main Role Of Indian Farmer:

The Main Role of Indian Former is to take care of our land because the Indian former is respected in our land & it’s never selling it to another person. After caring Indian farmer is selling their crops in the local market. Right Now, The Indian government is directly bought crops from the Indian formers for paying high rates.

Recently, CM Yogi Ji launches up agriculture 81 Sarkari yojana to our lovely up formers.

NOTE: पारदर्शी किसान सेवा योजना (किसान का अधिकार किसान के द्वार)

Important Indian Former Government Website List:

Uttar Pradesh Seed Certificate InstituteClick Here
Uttar Pradesh Seed Development CorporationClick Here
State Agriculture Management InstituteClick Here
Uttar Pradesh Mandi CouncilClick Here
Uttar Pradesh State Agro Industrial Corporation Ltd.Click Here
Uttar Pradesh Land Reform CorporationClick Here
Fisheries DepartmentClick Here
Animal Husbandry DepartmentClick Here
National Horticulture BoardClick Here


  • Indian Farming’s absolute GDP Ration is 17%.
  • Indian Farmers are giving many types of food & Clothes in our country.
  • Farming is a type of mega industry for careful and responsible use in per day.
  • Indian Farmer provides an excellent environment to raise a relationship with each other.
  • Formers are given a great opportunity for a young person to gain a high experience in the agriculture field.


Indian Former suicide case is increased day by day due to many issues. If we can talk about the NCRB report in 2014, 2015 & 2016 so this data has explained the pain of the Indian former. I know, this data is not absolutely correct but I want to represent a small data view to our users.

YearNumber Of Dead

Today, we are explaining the top Indian Former Suicide Issues are:

  • Weather & Climate Issues

  • Unsatisfactory Prices

Indian Former Question & Answers:

Question 01) Why does an Indian farmer does not want his son to be a farmer?

Answer) Because low or medium-level former are know profit & loss, not crop security mainly these two major points.

Question 02) Why an Indian farmer does not want his son to become a farmer?

Answer) See Answer 01)

Question 03) Why is the Indian farmer poor?

Answer) Many peoples are saying this “Indian Farmer Poor“. This Is Totally Wrong. When any lower or medium farmer starts a crop so the farmer is required many things as, like High-Quality Seed, Machine, Labors & many more but by change atmosphere or climate change (this is the most dangerous issue) or government is not giving a good price. Mainly, this is the main reason Indian Farmer  Poor.

Question 04) How to draw an Indian farmer step by step?

Answer) Any One Write Answer For This Question.

Conclusion For Indian Farmer:

It’s a true Indian Farmer is a very hard-working farmer but many farmers try to use a modern or latest scientific technology, education, health for the high-level crops. But now they are changing their own lifestyle, easily manage multi problems like sukha, atmosphere, low rates & many more.

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